Look after or mistreat your very own little zombie

If you are a fan of pointless games then this will no doubt thrill you to within an inch of your life.

In this app the tired old ‘Tamagotchi’ idea of looking after a pretend pet is given a zombie theme. You can feed, praise and punish your zombie, as well as undertake a series of mildly entertaining sub-games.

The interface is easy to use and simple enough for children and teenagers to pick up. For the asking price however, the game does seem a tad limited, especially when taken into consideration some of the other incredible offerings available for a similar price.

The styling and animation is also quirky and cool. If the developer has plans to evolve the game through a series of updates, then it might find an audience amongst those people who love to dip in and out of distractions of this kind.

The more gruesome zombie styling is certainly more fun than any kind of furry, cutesy animal, and you won’t feel bad dishing out a little bit of punishment when you’re feeling malevolent.

Zombigotchi is a polished little app but suffers from a tired format and a severe lack of innovation.

Rated 2 out of 5

Cool styling isn’t enough to save this tired app, especially when there are better and cheaper alternatives available. Save your money.