Zombie Gunship Review

Zombie Gunship Review

Zombie Gunship Review

Zombie Gunship offers a top-down view on the apocalypse

Zombie Gunship shamelessly takes its cues from the most (in)famous Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare mission ‘Death From Above’. The player is put into the seat of a gunner operating the thermal-scoped gun of an AC-130 gunship, and tasked with raining death on zombies beneath. Zombie Gunship is more tactful than its CoD forebear, though – you blow up titular zombies, rather than people – and more arcadey in its inception, too.

You have three guns to choose from, each geared to different strengths – the 25mm rapid-fire machine gun, the 40mm splash damage shell, or the Howitzer 105mm. Tap anywhere on screen to fire, and hit a button in the top-right to switch artillery. Kill three civilians or have zombies break through and it’s all over. It’s a simple rock-paper-scissors operation, but all the more playable for it.

Though cheap to buy at first, the best experience in Zombie Gunship will be had if you’re willing to purchase the freemium content that funds developer Limbic Software – upgrades otherwise feel tedious to unlock, and knowing what they are before you get them highlights how the game cages your experience slightly. Forget any chance at getting on the leaderboards if you’re not willing to spend, too.

Rated 3 out of 5

Strong production values, addictive gameplay.