Zero – To Do List

Zero – To Do List

Zero – To Do List

Simplistic, stylish and completely free, a good combination

Too many to-do apps have a learning curve; they have all kinds of tags, tabs, controls and combinations that need mastering. It makes them less fun and hard to access. More than likely, they end up languishing in a folder somewhere on your iPhone home screen.

Zero – Todo list is far, far simpler, and the result is an app that you’ll immediately start using for managing your tasks. This simplicity is so refreshing that we found ourselves populating it far more than most of the other apps we’ve tested along the same lines.  The other thing we really liked was the styling. It has a very Apple-like simplicity, and while there is a cheesiness to the old pen and paper-style graphics, it’s not overkill, and we found the alarm clock date setting to be charming as well.

At no point does this app have to try to be cool – it just is. An unfortunate consequence of the free version is the presence of advertising at the bottom of the interface, but this can be eliminated for a small fee as part of an online signup in-app. Overall, this app will likely charm its way onto your iPhone, and could well be your go-to app for to-dos and reminders.

Rated 4 out of 5

Not taking itself too seriously and not trying too hard goes a really long way.