Zenonia 5 Review

Zenonia 5 Review

Zenonia is back for a fifth installment on iOS and Android

This is one of the best Android games on the market. Further refining their tap‘n’slash style, GAMEVIL has produced a console RPG with fully fleshed out game mechanics, gorgeous graphics and an addictive combat system with near-perfect pacing.

The standard ‘get item, get XP’ trope is used to great effect, providing you with side quests that ensure you don’t get stuck grinding away until you’re tough enough to face the boss. You’ll also find enough healing potions and equipment to prevent you having to continually run back to town for supplies. In fact, non-repairable items subtly encourage you to keep moving forward, showing the thought that’s been put into real game progression.

Delving into the menus, you’ll not only find a gargantuan skills tree but also a host of materials you can combine to make potions and power-ups, not to mention the intricate evolution system for weapons and armour.

Even better, while a freemium model is employed that allows players to access more powerful items and combos, it isn’t necessary to enjoy this game – you won’t progress any slower if you choose not to open your wallet – so it enhances the gameplay. Plot isn’t just bolted on to the combat, either – a compelling story line makes this a genuinely engaging RPG. Add into the mix some PVP and wave combat options, with an upcoming ‘Raid’ mode, and you have a solid winner in every respect.

Rated 5 out of 5

A fast-paced, hugely entertaining RPG with excellent gameplay.