Opening up the internet to a whole new world

For those that can remember, there was a time when assembling your own website was quite the task.

Either possessing superior web skills or using a client such as Angelfire or Geocities – which have both now passed away – anyone who wanted to showcase themselves on the world wide web had to make a serious effort to do so. In 2011, the App store is evidence of just how far we’ve come.

Enabling you to create themed websites that can be accessed through the likes of Facebook, Twitter or directly through a browser, it’s as easy as clicking your way through the interface, choosing what takes your fancy depending on your goals and making it a reality.

Due to how easy it is to produce there’s nothing overly complicated that will stop you from creating – if you merely want to produce a blog of sorts that documents your holiday, not only can you generate it in minutes, but updating your concept is just as simple. It’s always a matter of dedicating mere minutes of your time.

Before long the Zapd developer intends to release premium themes, but even at its most  basic level, which is free don’t forget, the amount here to play around with is laudable.

As mentioned this isn’t intended to develop the next Google, but for a spot of fun and accessibility, Zapd is leaps and bounds ahead of many of its competitors.

Rated 4 out of 5

Easy to use, fun and capable of delivering a very good final product, Zapd is almost the perfect App for anyone wanting to develop a quick, basic website.


  • TITLE=Zapd is a game-changer;RATING=5;This app is super fast. I know a lot of people will be making quick one-off sites for things like garage sales, but man – there isn’t an easier way to do this than through the Zapd app. I can see people coming up with all kinds of uses for this app.