Yellofier Review

Yellofier Review

Music-making on a whole new level of fun, this is Yellofier for iOS

The iPad as a device has a lot of functionality that we forget about or take for granted. One of those features is arguably the microphone, which beyond using for voice control we rarely think about.

Yellofier, a music creation and editing app, is out to get you thinking differently, as well as using your microphone. This is achieved by capturing supposedly mundane sounds and turning them into truly unique music. The app is named after Swedish electronic band Yello, and your sounds are mixed with their music to create the final product, which you can then play with further before sharing.

When starting from scratch, the first thing users have to do is record a host of sounds. The recording area has eight coloured boxes at the bottom of the screen and each one of these represents a sound, and this is the number you need to capture. But don’t worry too much about trying to think of them all straightaway, Yellofier counts itself and will stop recording once you have enough, giving users more freedom to freestyle. Once you’ve got all your sounds, they will appear in soundwave form on screen, each one marked with a coloured line to show its inclusion. Hit play to give your provisional mix a listen – Yellofier will have already done some work to it, and if you’re not happy you can move the lines to different parts of the track to change individual sounds. It’s an impressive level of freedom to have in a music creation app, and adapts and changes your track as you move the lines in a powerful way.

At this point there is also a great element of fun to be found within Yellofier; with a tap of any of the coloured boxes, the sound will play so you can casually remix your track further  – but be aware, these changes won’t be recorded. What is permanent is the beats-per-minute counter in the corner of the screen, and playing with this dial will naturally have a big impact on the sound of your track, but not as much as the stage you are about to enter.

Having laid down the foundations for your track and created a mix, tap the Edit Song icon to move to the sequencer screen and see how your sounds have been put together by the app. Again Yellofier is happy to show off the freedom it gives its users by handing the power back despite the clever and engaging job it has already done of putting you on track. The level of freedom is actually quite staggering, with up to four layers of audio on offer – this is double what the app initially utilises when mixing your sounds, as well as up to 100 steps within a track. When you bear in mind that most creations use two, this is an astonishing amount of creative freedom and control that has been placed before you.

Within the individual step screens comes the most colourful part of the app, where the real sound editing takes place. Within this screen, all your colour-coded sounds are shown alongside a range of patterns, each one affecting the sound in a different way. Users can pair up sounds and patterns as they wish; changing the order they appear in the box to tweak the sequence and therefore the sound of the track. If you want a quick mash-up there is also a Randomize button which will do the work for you, but in truth even if you don’t know a thing about music, there is so much fun to be had by playing with the different elements of your track in this section of the app.

If you can find a way to leave the editing phase, you can then save and share your piece of creativity with the world thanks to export links with SoundCloud and AudioShare.

The truth about Yellofier is that you can’t fully appreciate the fun, scope and sheer power of it until you try it yourself. Even if you’re a sceptic, or doubtful of your ability to craft something worthwhile, Yellofier has the interface and functionality to make it happen. You can see this app being used by musicians in the studio and friends in a circle in the park. The appeal is universal and the price is zero. There is no down side here.

Rated 5 out of 5

One of the most fun, creative, powerful and outright entertaining apps we’ve seen for a long time.