Wthr Complete Review: The fact-heavy weather forecast

Wthr Complete Review: The fact-heavy weather forecast

Wthr Complete Review: The fact-heavy weather forecast

As well as an 8 day forecast, review 4 years of weather data, in this fully-featured download

If the weather doesn’t really affect you beyond deciding what to wear on a brief commute to work then you’d be better off downloading one of the many free weather apps. However, if you’re frequently at one with the elements then Wthr Complete is as good a source of accurate predictions and atmospheric insight you could hope to find on your iPhone.

Information regarding your current location will be loaded into the app when you launch it, but you can also add in additional locations to populate the screen, which is ideal for planning holidays or road trips. When a location has been stored, tap on it to see a wealth of additional weather-related information. This includes eight-day forecasts, air quality, UV, sunrise/sunset times, the current moon phase and more – simply scroll through the various pages and you’ll be amazed at the level of detail that is relayed within seconds.

Wthr Complete also dares to be original too, by allowing you to check the conditions for any given day over the past four years to determine if whatever conditions you are experiencing are normal. In truth you’ll probably explore this feature a handful of times, but that fact that it’s there impressed us regardless of the practicality.

The app’s settings let you change the units in which the various stats are displayed and you can also activate push notifications to keep you informed on climate changes. There is also help at hand to help you understand key stats, such as the Air Quality and UV indexes. It’s hard to sound excited about a weather app and be convincing, but Wthr Complete delivers everything you need in a stylish and accessible interface and apart from eradicating the cost to download it, we really couldn’t ask for more.

Rated 4 out of 5

Expertly delivers an array of accurate weather stats for any location in the world in the time it takes to wipe a spot of rain off your lapel.