Writer Pro: Note, Write, Edit, Read Review

Writer Pro: Note, Write, Edit, Read Review

Writer Pro, the sequel to minimalist iA Writer, will help you manage your writing but won’t clutter your iPhone or iPad screen

At around the time of the iPad’s inception, an app arrived that caught the imagination of writers. Called iA Writer, it was, some would say, akin to the ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’.
In stripping away the various elements of distraction that tend to clutter a typical word processor (formatting buttons, sharing options and so on), iA Writer was a simple editor. It was making a feature out of lacking features, so to speak.

But it worked. We found ourselves focusing much more on the words rather than how they were presented on the screen. It became an iPad classic. So we look at Writer Pro with some skepticism. Pro? Doesn’t that complicate things?

Actually, it doesn’t. At the bottom of the main screen there are five options that help create a sense of workflow. You are able to view your most recent documents, make notes, write, edit and read. Functionally, each of these options is identical but you go through these stages and expand upon your work until it’s in the final stage.

In some respects though, Writer Pro is not strictly without distraction. The keyboard has a fair amount on it besides the important Qwerty keys. You can use the iPad’s microphone to dictate your words and call up a selection of Emojis. You can add punctuation, skip from word to word and swipe across to see character and word counts. Tapping the screen gives cut, copy and paste options and you can also define words. The app then allows you to print, share your work across social networks or email and even open the text in another app entirely.

For the privilege, you do have to stump up lots of money. In a world where Pages is free on newer iDevices, the cost is mind-boggling for what, dare we say, is a rather pretentious offering when all is said and done. Yet, it has proven to be useful. It’s great that it syncs between other iOS devices and it’s good to have the writing process laid bare and yet feel somewhat more organised. Still, you’ll likely have to be a very keen writer to justify the asking price.

Rated 3 out of 5

A very good expansion on the original but remains expensive for what is, ultimately, a fresh spin on a text editor. Nevertheless, it will work well for some.