Wrike – Project Management Review

Wrike – Project Management Review

Wrike – Project Management Review

Mobile project management for your iPhone and Android smartphone

Project management is one of the most difficult tasks in any organisation, and there are countless physical and emotional barriers that can get in the way of a smooth operation. Phone calls, emails, conference calls, texts and travelling to meetings are all part of an effective project manager’s role, but there is an easier way, and it comes in the form of a free app called Wrike. The idea behind the app and its service is that you can create projects and tasks within them online, and then set individual due dates for each. The online service lets you create the most complex of projects in a clean and usable space, and everything from tables to timelines are included.

The Wrike app lets you take most of the features on the road with you, and in our tests it has proved to be quite effective at dealing with the complexity of multiple projects. It really shines, however, when it comes to collaboration, and this is also true of the online service. You can create new tasks and have them immediately sent to the people responsible for them and also add comments that work, like instant messages if the other participants are using the service. Even if they are not, emails will be sent containing any new comments you create and assigned tasks will also be emailed. There is a short learning curve to using Wrike, but we found that the service is clean enough for most people to understand quite quickly. The data really does shine through within the minimalist interface and the developers have done a good job of bringing this clean look to the smartphone screen space as well. There are some areas where the interface could be more logically presented and on a couple of occasions the project data was slow to load, but overall the experience has been highly refreshing. It could well be a project manager’s dream app.

Rated 4 out of 5

A clever solution for bringing calm and order to the messy world of project management.


  • Alfred wagley

    I have used both proofhub and wrike both softwares are good but I will give proofhub (www.proofhub.com) one mark more because of its good collaborative features.

    • Jimmy

      Hi Wagley, I appreciate your point, proofhub.com is more useful.

  • JaneMolinski

    I love Wrike and Bitrix24. Awesome free tools for productive teamwork.

  • JoshMeNow

    Bitrix24 is a better free alternative