Worms Crazy Golf HD

Worms Crazy Golf HD

The worms take to the battleground of the fairway

For the past 16 years, the Worms have been blowing each other up with military-grade arsenal. In something of a pacifist shocker, however, the little tykes have taken to the game of golf to settle their differences, which is less destructive, but by no means less enjoyable.

In fact, the controls are largely the same as the core Worms games, as you line up the arc of your shots by sliding your finger, then tapping to select power. It’s the same as hurling a grenade in any Worms game, so if you’ve played it before, you will be able to jump right into this with no problem.

Each of the four themed environments has many courses, complete with goals and coins to collect, as well as a ton of challenges. The app is rammed with content, and you will fast become hooked on trying to trim down your handicap.

After playing Worms Crazy Golf HD, you start to get the sense that Angry Birds and its ilk have got a lot of inspiration from the Worms series, and as such, if you’re a fan of those iOS gems, you’ll almost certainly like the other.

Rated 5 out of 5

Addictive, and boasting superb multiplayer modes, this is absolutely massive.