Turn your photos into words of art

There are loads of apps out there that add crazy effects to your photos, but WordFoto is actually quite effective. Taking your photographs and turning them into artworks made up from layers of words, WordFoto can produce some interesting results.

You begin by either taking a snap from within the app, or uploading from your photo album. A whole heap of options await so you can produce the exact effect you want.

You can crop your image to focus in on a specific area, using set crop dimensions or by freehand, as well as chose from a list of phrases for your artwork, or type in your own if you have something more specific in mind.

There are eight set word effects you can add, from classic grey to a comic-book style, but the interesting part comes from customising your own effect. Here, you have control over the brightness, contrast, saturation and much more.

You can change the font, with plenty of interesting typefaces on offer here, and you can pick from a variety of colours and tones too. You can set up to eight custom presets, and customise the background and foreground individually.

The picture has a preview that is zoomable, with the added option to save it to your photo library, share it on Facebook, email it, or save the original image. The interface is very user-friendly, with the settings controlled by simply swiping across a bar.

The results themselves, however, greatly depend on the quality of the original image. If, like the sample photo you are given by the app, the picture quality is high and with plenty of contrast, then the results can be superb.

However, if your photo is a bit fuzzy, then it can sometimes be hard to work out the original image once the words have been put on top. Most of the time, though, a bit of tweaking in the custom styles section can create an interesting effect.

Nevertheless, WordFoto clearly has a novel value, and it would have been good to see other effects offered, but it’s a nice app to play around with and create some interesting, yet basic photo artwork.

Rated 3 out of 5

For some basic photo artwork, WordFoto produces a nice effect, and as such comes recommended.