Wonderputt Review

Wonderputt Review

18 holes of crazy golf on a single crazy screen

There are no two ways about it: Wonderputt is brilliant. This single-control game is unlike anything else you will see in the genre. The entire course is played on one screen, the different parts evolving and reshaping to create 18 different holes.

All you have to do is hold and drag on your ball to determine direction and power, with the physics and the objects within each hole doing the rest. It is quite extraordinary that you can go from playing in a submarine, to Stonehenge. It’s wacky but utterly compelling to watch the course evolve after the ball drops. If we were to be really critical we might say that only one course hinders longevity, but on the other side of this argument, there is enough difficulty here to find yourself constantly coming back.

The only time you leave the main screen is to play two holes in the missile chamber of a submarine. This sounds strange, but once you’ve entered Wonderputt you’ll realise that this is completely normal. The already mentioned difficulty is definitely one of the key parts of this game’s appeal, with quite a distant camera angle and some real subtlety needed at times, some steady and nimble harnessing of the touchscreen controls are required in order to succeed. Don’t be surprised to find yourself leaning in as you try to read the angle of the hole.

For added difficulty there are the rainbow pieces to collect in each hole. Grabbing them earns you extra points, but this is balanced out by the risk that it may cost you a few shots collecting them all.

This is a game that you will keep coming back again and again; we dare you to play it and not be charmed.

Rated 5 out of 5

One of the best games we’ve played this year – wonderfully simple.