Wind-up Knight 2 Review

Wind-up Knight 2 Review

Go on a quest through a beautiful 3D world in the stunning sequel for iPhone, iPad and Android

Wind-up Knight 2 is the follow up to what many consider to be a classic mobile platform game and in almost every area it does not disappoint. You are guided through the controls slowly at the start which is a good thing because there are many and the game carefully builds until you are experienced enough to jump, roll and attack all at the same time. The pace is frantic and despite being 3D, it has a retro feel to the game play which at its heart involves progressing through each level by defeating enemies and avoiding obstacles.

There is little doubt that Wind-up Knight 2 has that ‘one more try’ factor and uses the age-old strategy of often throwing you back to the start of a level to try again if you fail. The fact that you have to use multiple controls within seconds of each other, or even simultaneously, will cause frustration at times, but it is done in such a way as to be challenging rather than annoying.

You really do need quick fingers, a good memory and a strategic brain to get through the more difficult levels and if you take your time and think about your strategy you will succeed, but remember that this is not a free game. Freemium has a bad name in some quarters, but here we feel the developer has just about struck the right balance. You can pay a small sum to unlock all of the levels, but there is still a selection of in-app purchases to deal with which can get expensive if you are really struggling on a particular level, which ironically makes you want to try harder to succeed.

The professional look and the cleverly crafted game play mechanics in Wind-up Knight 2 do make this a game you will want to play over and over again, and overall we heartily recommend it as one of the better platform games available on mobile devices at this time.

Rated 4 out of 5

A very carefully crafted platform game which takes time, and some money, to fully complete.