Wedding Planner For iPad

Wedding Planner For iPad

Helping you arrange your special day from start to finish

Planning a wedding isn’t easy, but this superb app can help make your big day that little bit more manageable. It all kicks off with you entering both of your names, your engagement date, and the date of the wedding. From that point, the app will track how much precious preparation time remains.

You can keep a detailed budget of everything you need to save and pay for, breaking it down into subcategories with detailed notes as you go. There is a separate budget section that tracks paid-for services, such as caterers, drivers and photographers. This section keeps tabs on how many bills you have outstanding and how many payments you have left for instalment plans.

There is also a detailed guest list section that breaks down every single guest by the party they are a member of, RSVP status and contact details. Couple this with a list of thank you messages outstanding – to keep a record of who gave you what gifts on the day and if you’ve thanked them or not yet – and you’ll leave no one out when getting people along for the big day. All of this data can be emailed directly to your contacts or printed for your own reference.

Createful has succeeded in delivering an app that truly is helpful every step of the way, taking a little of the stress out of such a big life event.

Rated 5 out of 5

If you can’t afford a living wedding organiser then you’d be silly to miss out on this app.


  • TITLE=Retina Ready;RATING=5;Wedding Planner for iPad is now Ready for Retina and looks beautiful on the New 3rd Gen iPad display.