Knit your busy life together and never lose track of it again

Weave is constructed around your day, and has all your ‘To Dos’ laid out in front of you waiting to be ticked off. However, the unique aspect of Weave is that each ‘To Do’ is linked to an overall larger project created by you, so all your related tasks are weaved together in order to get them done, one task at a time.

Following the initial simple sign-up procedure, Weave gives you a very clear walkthrough of the app, and shows you how to create To Dos and add them to Projects. The My Day screen then presents you with everything you have to complete, along with the relevant deadlines. Scrolling down and selecting one of your Projects gives you a different overview, including the percentage of the task that has been completed, so that you know how far you’ve got left to go. There is also the ability to add income and expense to your project, ensuring you are aware of the amount spent and earned from your venture.

This way of displaying your data is very accessible, as like the rest of the app, it is laid out in a neat fashion, and easy to digest at just a glance. This is perhaps Weave’s biggest strength; the app is user-friendly and efficient enough in its presentation that when you’re on the go, you can get your full schedule with one touch.

When you’ve completed a task, you can enter the amount of time it took to finish so that you have a record of the hours spent slaving away, and a breakdown of where the hours of the day have gone. Weave will also keep you on top of your work, with a daily alert notifying you if there are any To Dos scheduled for completion, and the app keeps all your data secure, meaning that it’s never lost, even if your device is.

The only slight downside to Weave is having to manually input all your data, including the extras like transactions within projects. While this is normal territory for organiser apps, it still grates slightly. Despite this, the strong interaction possibilities mean that you won’t struggle to input anything.

Rated 4 out of 5

Great for improving your productivity and small business ventures, Weave is an all-round solid task manager.