Adding a whole new dimension to meteorology

Weather 4D equips you with global weather knowledge at any time you care to check it.

The app itself is reasonably easy to use – simply choose your region and it’ll download the relevant information.

Once this has been selected you can go into the Orbit mode to spin the globe… although unfortunately it’ll only display the weather and temperatures in the region you’ve picked, which renders this a fun but ultimately a bit of a fruitless exercise.

You can zoom into the towns and cities, when you’ve selected your area of choice, to take a closer look at the weather.

Pressing Play will fast-forward the clock so you can see how the conditions will develop over the rest of the week.

Meanwhile, the Time mode means you can speed up or rewind time at the touch of a button (or a drag of your finger across the screen) to check out the week’s forecast.

While we have no complaints about the usability of the app – the menus are clear and the Globe function is easy to get to grips with – we do have an issue with its price.

The recommended retail price seems steep; especially when you consider much of this information could be obtained from many other apps for free. You don’t get a spinable globe with it, mind.

Rated 3 out of 5

While there’s no doubt it’s useful, and the spinning globe works well, it’s nevertheless a pricey app. Too pricey.