Weather Doodle

Weather Doodle

Weather Doodle

If Apple’s Weather isn’t classy enough, this will give you an artistic twist

We think it’s pretty common knowledge and certainly a fair summation that Apple’s own Weather app really isn’t great, offering only a daily forecast and a fairly boring design. Therefore, we can understand that other app makers have been working on creating a better way to get your weather on the go.

Weather Doodle is one such app, and provides a unique twist to looking up the weather. Upon downloading it, you’ll be asked if it can use your location, and if you allow it, it will show you the weather for your local area.

But rather than simple representations of a sun or rain cloud, Weather Doodle instead presents an animated, stylish picture of the weather with an artistic twist.

The app will give you the weather for a number of locations around the world, and you can add to or delete locations from your list in exactly the same way as Apple’s Weather app. You can view a daily forecast, too, but the app is disappointingly lacking an hourly forecast for any area. You can, however, push a button in the bottom left corner of the screen to give more details, like wind speed and humidity.

A standard art style is included, and more can be downloaded through in-app purchases. You can also share your weather on Facebook, but frankly we’re not sure this is a necessary feature.

Rated 4 out of 5

If you’re looking for a more stylish way to view your weather, Weather Doodle manages it without adding any features.