Wealth Manager

Wealth Manager

Worried for the future? This might make things better

If you want to find this financial planning software In the App Store, then you’ll obviously have to search for the words ‘Wealth’ and ‘Manager’, but we’d like to think that there are a couple of other search terms that would work just as well.

How about ‘The app that will make you lose all hope for the future’? Or, ‘The graph of inevitable depression’? Doesn’t sound so tempting a download, does it? But depending on your mood, that’s what Wealth Manager is.

In all seriousness, Wealth Manager is all about ensuring you can live to a ripe old age (assuming you do), with enough money to keep you going. And it does a fairly good job of this. It allows you to plot your age, how long you intend/expect to live, how much cash you’re willing to put away per month, and exactly when you hope to retire.

Sprinkle in extra cash vacuums like marriage, cars, holidays and homes, including exactly how expensive you’d like them to be, and the app will then produce a graph showing how long (or not) your cash is likely to last. It’s all perfectly simple drag and drop stuff, with some easy to understand pop-up menus. And though there’s no tutorial, we got to grips with it within minutes. Depressing affirmation of life’s realities aside, it’s really quite useful, and at just 59 pence it shouldn’t affect your retirement fund too much.

Rated 4 out of 5

A bit depressing, but ultimately a useful tool for those who are liable to get a bit worried about what the future holds.