Wave Trip Review

Wave Trip Review

Wave Trip Review

Traverse a world filled with sound in this trippy adventure for iPhone and iPad

Traverse a world filled with sound in this trippy adventure for iPhone and iPad.

Usually, when a game makes you collect coins, you get little more than an increased tally or maybe some sort of power-up. With Wave Trip, you get a sound, as each coin you grab adds a new note to the game’s soundtrack, making this as much of a unique, satisfying music creation tool as it is an addictive game.

It is a game that breaks some of the conventions of play. You cannot perish, and you don’t have to spend time unlocking levels because everything is presented to you from the off, yet it keeps many of the others, such as high scores. And while it is also marked by a control system that takes a little getting used to, staying power is richly rewarded. You control a ship through a 2D side-scrolling world, collecting those coins and avoiding obstacles.

There is a force field which gives you protection from many of these obstacles, and this is a crucial thing because much of the time is spent trying to grab those tricky coins, arranged as they are in difficult formations. Ensuring you try to collect all of the coins is what drives you on because the more you seize, the richer the soundtrack becomes.

The obstacles break up the tune and force you to start again, which is why you become intent on not smashing into them. With cute, modern and clean graphics, it is a beautiful indie game package at a price you can’t afford to avoid. We’d highly recommend you download it.

Rated 5 out of 5

Call it interactive music if you like: Wave Trip engages you in a deep, musical experience that really screams to be played and enjoyed.