Warplanes: A History Of Aerial Combat

Warplanes: A History Of Aerial Combat

Get airborne and get enlightened

Reading is one thing, but if you really want to learn about a subject, then the iPad is rapidly becoming the ultimate teaching aid, providing detailed imagery and elements of interactivity to ensure that things stay learnt.

Though Gameloft is perhaps more associated with racing games than interactive reference books, the brilliant War In The Pacific app demonstrated that it can do hard facts just as well as fast tracks, and Warplanes maintains the same high standards.

This app allows you to explore 43 of history’s most innovative and important warplanes. The front screen features images of each model, which you can then tap on to bring up a 3D picture, stats and a summary of the plane and its background.

Tap on ‘Details’, and you get an in-depth rundown of the plane’s history, plus there is a ‘Gallery’ that brings up a series of high-definition pictures of the plane in flight.

There’s much more to explore, too, with a full timeline that displays when the planes were introduced to active service, plus the option to explore the planes by category (fighters, bombers, cold war and so on), view detailed schematics, components and, in some cases, video of the planes in action.

It’s a very well-produced package that anyone with an interest in aviation can download and become utterly engrossed in.

Rated 5 out of 5

Well-made and incredibly insightful, Warplanes is a brilliant app for anyone interested in aviation.