Wall of Sound Review

Wall of Sound Review

Play your iTunes music library via a gallery of album covers with Wall of Sound for iPhone and iPad

Newly updated for iOS 7, Wall of Sound is a beautiful way to view and listen to your music collection – both stored locally and on iCloud.

Upon launching Wall of Sound, you’re greeted with an attractive wall of album covers. Just click on one to start playing it – if on iCloud, it may take a few seconds to start streaming. Swipe the album art of the current album to see a list of the tracks and a shuffle option. You can then swipe the playing window up to the top of the screen for a better view of the wall.

The app offers a different and appealing way to access your music and we found that it helped us to rediscover old tunes we’d forgotten about. By default, it shows all of your music on the wall, which you can scroll around to find more. Tapping the icon at the bottom-right brings up a menu from which you can filter the content by genre and playlist – it’s possible to tick multiple choices for each. In addition, you can opt whether to include music from iCloud and any without artwork (showing a musical notes icon on the wall instead).

There’s also an option to include related music previews – the usual 30-second snippets – from the iTunes Store, although this seems to be based on the genre rather than the artist or playlist. It’s a nice additional feature though and gives the app another solid selling point.

Rated 4 out of 5

Wall of Sound is a different and visually appealing way to listen to your music and discover even more. It really is beautiful.