Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside Their World Review

Walking with Dinosaurs: Inside Their World Review

A new app about old beasts proves a winner on iPad

With narration by Stephen Fry and so many wonderful 3D animations, this is the kind of app adults wished they had as a child rather than the sterile textbooks of old. It brings dinosaurs to life: each screen oozing with information and visuals that teach so much about each different beast. It shows what they were like and how they lived in the harsh land of prehuman Earth.

An improved version of its predecessor, this app has enhanced graphics that take advantage of the Retina screen and has updated facts since science has developed. There are more than 60 animations in total with the features proving to be the most fun. Here you get to see the dinosaurs grabbing, chewing and discarding their prey and read about the world they inhabited. You can also hear them – the app says they are original sounds, but obviously these will have been the result of expert guidance, helping to contextualise what you see on screen.

With 15 dinosaur hunters to read about and lots of well-researched articles on prehistoric life, this is an educational resource on a Jurassic scale. While it doesn’t take as long as you might expect to read through everything, there are so many facts to digest that you will just have to keep going back. This should be on every parent’s list for their children.

Rated 4 out of 5

Photo-realistic dinosaurs and lots of facts combine to produce this great educational app.