Walking Dead: The Game Review

Walking Dead: The Game Review

They’re coming to get you Barbara. look out, they have iPhones!

If you’ve yet to fully allow the zombie apocalypse that’s taking over popular culture to take a bite out of your free time, perhaps you should take a look at Walking Dead from Telltale Games.

Drawing its inspiration from the original Robert Kirkman comic books – and not the equally acclaimed HBO TV series – Telltale has done an incredible job of not only retaining the comic’s focus on its characters, but also utilising a cel-shaded visual style that apes the original look.

It’s an amazing achievement, too. The iOS version is identical to that of the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 version, and if we’re honest, it looks and controls better, too. It’s almost as if Telltale had originally intended it series for smartphones in the first place. And perhaps it did; the story unfolds at an easy pace with players introduced to the world and its characters with punchy dialogue that never outstays its welcome, while fleshing out the narrative and drawing you in.

With characters noticing what you say and how you react to situations, seeds are sown for some incredibly tense showdowns that punctuate both this initial episode and those that are to come.

And that’s really the joy of playing Walking Dead. Like the TV show and comic, you’ll care about what happens to the people you meet. Its controls are beautifully simple and integrated perfectly for the touchscreen; its story and characters will have you genuinely worrying. And, when you’re finally faced with one of those difficult choices, you’ll be amazed that you’ll have spent more time on this than Angry Birds.

Rated 5 out of 5

Walking Dead is the perfect combination of big screen gaming in the palm of your hand.