Could this great app be the video version of Instagram?

Stand in the crowd of any major music gig, sporting event or theatrical performance and you’ll no doubt bear witness to a sea of smartphones recording everything that’s going on in front of you, Vyclone is designed to take advantage of this exact situation, by relying on the power of the crowd to record the same event from different angles and splicing the whole thing together into one beautiful, multi-angle movie. It sounds confusing, but the reality is completely different.

To begin with, Vyclone’s beautiful design and native-like interface makes it incredibly easy to work out exactly how to set up, record and polish off an edited movie in a matter of minutes (more on this later), add to this that the app does all the hard work for you and you’re truly on to a winner.

When you first open the app you’ll be prompted to sign in with Facebook or create an account from scratch;  the former makes it much easier to find fellow Vyclone users so it’s certainly the recommended option. Once you’re all set up, it’s a case of hitting record (the app will find friends nearby who are also recording the same event), adding any live video filters you’d like to use and letting the app do the rest. It really is that simple and it’s what makes Vyclone an absolute pleasure to use.

The social aspect of Vyclone (finished videos are presented in a news feed and can be shared elsewhere online), coupled with the live video filters, makes it easy for the app to be branded as ‘the Instagram of video’, but the way in which it makes the most of situations where more than one person could be recording the action really does set it apart from the solo narcissism of Facebook’s new pet project. Of course, Vyclone can’t be used in every situation, there are often times where there’s only you around to record more intimate moments in your life, but even then you can record solo and keep the video private, and it’ll all be saved in your Camera Roll. All in all, this is a hugely impressive app.

Rated 5 out of 5

Vyclone’s social take on video is both refreshing and incredibly easy to get on board with.