Vodio Review

Vodio Review

Vodio Review

Video aggregation gets a little neater and cuter

Another app shrinking down to fit the iPhone, Vodio impressed on iPad and is no less enjoyable on a smaller screen thanks to some smart changes for this now universal app. The large tile interface of the tablet system has been replaced with a simpler vertical scrolling wall of stills, each one popping pleasantly into view as you scroll up and down. There’s a playful nature to Vodio that makes it very welcoming.

Being able to select your preferred areas of interest from the start avoids being loaded with too many videos you don’t care much about, and the selection of sources is pleasingly broad. Tapping a thumbs up or down will also help to filter results for you in the future, in case the category you’ve added needs further refinement before it’s really delivering the material you want to see. The selection of channels you’ve picked can be changed whenever you want and you simply need to swipe left and right to move on to the next subject.

Our favourite feature though is probably the watch it later button, which adds the video you have selected to a queue. This can then be picked up and played later when you have a little more time to enjoy it. It didn’t appear to share these saved videos across your account to be watched on a different device though, which is a shame. Altogether smart stuff, and a great way to lose yourself in a vortex of trending internet video as well as share your finds with friends.

Rated 5 out of 5

A fine iPhone translation of an already excellent app.