Vocabulary.com Review

Vocabulary.com Review

Vocabulary.com Review

Boost your word power in minutes with the Vocabulary.com app for iPhone and Android

Hailing from the creative minds behind the eponymous website, the Vocabulary.com app is a smart and useful tool to have at your disposal. The app not only works as a handy dictionary, but also offers a constantly honing vocabulary game that helps to increase your understanding of more complex words. The game challenges the user to correctly identify a missing word within a sentence or pick the highlighted word’s synonym from a choice of four possible answers. When the right answer is achieved, the app delivers a full definition and explanation of how to use the word correctly.

Unlike similar apps on the market, there’s little chance of repetition here thanks its well-stocked library of 120,000 questions that teach 12,000 words and also provides 50,000 learnable lists tailored for specific exams such SATs. Perhaps the most impressive feature though, is its ability to judge your aptitude and then coach you at a level that neither patronises or antagonises you; ignoring all questions that are too easy or that are beyond your current reach.

While the app is certainly helpful, mildly fun and borderline addictive, it can get dull after a session of half an hour or so due to its rather basic remit. The lack of variety in how questions are posed plus the absence of any visual stimuli are the main reasons why some users might tire of it. Arguably, picture rounds and the ability to type in words as answers might help to extend its appeal – and the ability to challenge friends online would have been a nice touch.

Priced at just under £2/$3, the app is small change for what could make a huge difference to your word arsenal. Wordsmiths, crossword enthusiasts, students, teachers, literary types and anyone looking to fire up their brain function would do well to download this app.

Rated 4 out of 5

A reasonably priced app that is perfect for improving the extent of your vocabulary practically overnight. A worthwhile download.