VNC Viewer

VNC Viewer

Remotely access your work or home computer with this app

If you work with a lot of networked computers, then the world of Virtual Network Computing will be familiar to you, and there’s a good chance you’re also well aware of RealVNC, one of the leading providers of software for remotely accessing systems on a network. The recently updated VNC Viewer app, available for iPhone, iPad and Android, has given this service a huge boost in terms of interface and usability.

Using the VNC Viewer requires that the computers you want to connect with have RealVNC software on them. The Enterprise Edition that we tested is available for Mac, Windows and Unix, and once you’ve it set up, moving to the app is very simple. The software generates an address for your computer, which you simply type into the app to begin the process of controlling it remotely.

Once you’re using the app, it’s all pretty intuitive. You may need to adjust to not tapping the links you want on your desktop to open them, which is the more familiar way of working with an iPad or smartphone, but this is a shallow learning curve. The screen is essentially a mouse-tracking pad, allowing you to move your cursor and access everything on your PC.

We found the connection to be very stable and smooth, with a minimal amount of lag. The ability to access and use every program on your computer from an iPad is really quite brilliant, and thanks to the mouse and keyboard functions this app offers, is very easy to do, too.

There has been some concern about the most recent update from some users, but we experienced none of the crashing or connectivity issues raised. What we found was an app that made a rather complex network solution so accessible that even those with limited IT skills could set it up.

Rated 4 out of 5

Makes remote access from your mobile device a very easy and stable proposition.