Visual Calendar for Tablets Review

Visual Calendar for Tablets Review

Visual Calendar for Tablets Review

Don’t rely on boring text for your calendar: get visual on your Android device

Days can become very packed and a simple calendar sometimes makes it even more difficult to see what you need to do each day. Visual Calendar aims to make things easier by giving you pictorial representations of your days and weeks, and then allowing you to link them together so you can get a feel for which of the events are connected.

To start with, the calendar looks like any other. You view the week with the days in columns and the times in rows, but it is otherwise blank. It is possible to import calendars such as Google’s, but we had a bit of trouble with this; it wouldn’t bring in our events for some reason. However, it is a useful function to have from the start.

On this calendar, you can place your day-to-day tasks and events. This is done by finding a vacant spot on your calendar and then double tapping. It allows you to create an event, each of which starts off in the same way. That is, you see a circle with four items branching off from it. The circle is your core task and the branches are the extras that you can add to this in order to tailor your event.

The first thing to do is name your event, and this is easily done with a tap on the line that appears next to the circle. Then you need to choose the priority. Events can be colour-coded so that you can see in an instant which event is related to another and also better organise your day with a good visual representation. It is also possible to include an icon. For example. you may need to catch transport at a certain time, in which case you can use an icon of a train, so straight away you’ll know what it means.

The app also allows you to set a reminder, and you can have up to two of these for one event. You are able to select how many times you want to repeat the reminder so  you can be sure you won’t forget it. But there’s more: by tapping on the More tab you can describe your event and give it a location using Google Maps. If you have an attachment, this too can be linked to your event.

Once an event is in place, it can be moved around at will by long tapping and then moving. Double tapping allows for an edit. It is the linked events, however, that will prove most useful in the long run. In Edit mode there is a ‘+’ icon that when tapped, reveals a Drag Me circle on your calendar linked to the event you have edited. You can now drag that circle on to another event and the two will suddenly link.

This is great if you have lots of work-related events that are connected. For instance, perhaps you are meeting a client at a certain time and you’re catching a train to get there – these events can be linked. There may be another link between a piece of work and a phone call you need to make, and so on.

With the ability to draw on the contacts you have stored on your device, you have what shapes up to be the perfect calendar. It is easy to use when you get the hang of it, building on the functions that Google Calendar brings and making it even more user friendly.

It would be good to have a choice of calendar views, however. It would also be useful to have a delete option whereby you could drag one of your unwanted icons to trash. At times we were linking and then finding it laborious to unlink them. It’s a small gripe, for sure, but we would like to see this implemented in future versions.

As it stands, however, Visual Calendar for Tablets is a wonderful app that combines the functional with more than a hint of flair. It should make for better planning and easier recognition of tasks, which is, after all, the main function of a calendar.

Rated 4 out of 5

Building on Google Calendar, the visual angle and innovative linking facility make this worth looking at.