Virtua Tennis Challenge

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Hit the court and reach for world glory

Virtua Tennis Challenge is a superb version of Sega’s long-standing sports series, delivering an intuitive control system made entirely for iPhone and iPad devices. To help you get used to the game’s mechanics, you can tackle the training mode, teaching you how to hit precise targets like balloons using a range of tricks and techniques. Using touch you can pull off curve shots, topspin and tough smashes to throw your opponents off guard and play your way to victory.

Once you’re confident in your ability, you can take to the SPT World Tour circuit to compete in challenge matches and earn money to pay entry into new tournaments. As you progress you will rise up the world rankings and face tougher opponents over time. Along the way you will tackle one-on-one matches and doubles rounds in fast-paced play.

Controlling players is simple. All you need to do is tap wherever you want your player to run to, and they will automatically swing for the ball. Timing is everything, as misjudged sprints will result in trips and stumbles that will cause your player to fall.

It won’t take long for you to figure out how to become a master, and once you have conquered the SPT tour, you should try out multiplayer mode, where you can challenge online players using Wi-Fi, or local players using Bluetooth.

Rated 5 out of 5

Colourful and slick, Virtua Tennis is an addictive sports game that’s all about the timing.