Vine Kids Review: Carefully curated videos for under fives

Vine Kids Review: Carefully curated videos for under fives

Vine Kids Review: Carefully curated videos for under fives

Children of the re-Vine-lution

Busy parents now have another tool to add to their child-distraction arsenal. Vine Kids is a very easy to use, slimmed-down version of Vine that presents videosfull of colourful monsters for children aged five and under. If ever you wanted a child-friendly video collection of puppies running head-first into the camera or an animated penguin then this is the app for that. There are no nasties, no adult or unsuitable jokes, nothing scary that accidentally pops up to scare your children as the videos are all vetted by human moderators to be featured in Vine Kids.

The interface is very simple and only requires a left or right swipe to scroll through videos – that’s it, that’s literally all you need to do in the entire app. The videos automatically play and replay, just like on Vine, for endless loops of the funniest or cutest footage. There aren’t any words, confusing buttons or even a menu, just video after video. It means that you can trust the little ones to not mess around with any in-app features whilst using Vine Kids. Poking the monsters that present the videos make them shake and pull a face too, adding another engaging element.

Vine Kids may seem too simple at times however, and if a parent wants to like or save a video for use at a later time, there is no capacity to do so. Similarly, if they know their child adores cats, there is no function to search for them – looking for videos of more of the same is impossible and you just have to go by what Vine Kids has picked and displayed for you there and then.

Nevertheless, there’s nothing complicated about Vine Kids, which is refreshing in today’s app market. And just because it’s called Vine Kids doesn’t mean that we didn’t enjoy the video of a chameleon making fart noises ourselves.

Rated 5 out of 5

A treasure trove of videos, lovingly handpicked by the Vine editorial team themselves. It’s fun and uncomplicated.