Velocity – Speed Reader Review

Velocity – Speed Reader Review

Velocity – Speed Reader Review

Velocity – Speed Reader can help you learn to read faster using your favourite Instapaper articles

There is so much information out there these days that absorbing it all can be very time consuming and a little overwhelming. If you are are also a slow reader then it will take you even longer to go through the mountain of books, magazines, websites and emails that you’ve been meaning to get around to.

Velocity – Speed Reader is an app that aims to improve your reading skills by displaying text a few words at a time but at great speed. It says the average reading speed is around 200 words a minute, which equates to the speed of reading aloud. The app aims to get you reading even faster than that, using texts that are drawn from a variety of sources including your iPhone, any text you want to paste in yourself, as well as external sources such as Instapaper, Pocket and the wider web.

Although Velocity doesn’t have its own built-in teaching programme, being left entirely to your own devices isn’t that bad a thing. You are able to delve into the Settings; change the background to one you are comfortable with, alter the fonts and then get to grips with the speed at which you want to read and how many words you want to have displayed at any one time. You can have as few as one and as many as four, which may not sound a lot but for this exercise it is doubtful you would want any more.

It’s not a complicated app to use and it look and performs well. This means you can just get down to the task in hand and in this sense, it performs without a hiccup. By changing the speed to the maximum of 1,000 words per minute we were overwhelmed, but we found that by increasing the speed in incremental steps we were able to display improvements.

You could very easily copy and paste text that you intended to read anyway into this, thereby killing two birds with one stone. Indeed, the app suggests that you do just that because then you will be getting up to speed using the texts that you normally come across in your day-to-day life, making the learning experience so much more relevant.

Rated 4 out of 5

Boost your reading speed with an app that will change the way you approach words forever more.