Unread for iPad Review

Unread for iPad Review

Perfect for your weekend long reads, Unread is an elegant, minimal RSS reader

For the uninitiated, you can think of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) as an older, slower and more involved version of Twitter, enabling users to keep tabs on dozens, or hundreds, of sites through one app. Unread isn’t an RSS reader, but it plugs into your existing service — Feedly, FeedWrangler, Feedbin, Fever and NewsBlur are the ones supported — to offer a beautifully minimal way of reading through online content. It’s not unlike Instapaper in its functionality and appearance.
From the simple swipe-based interface method to the well-chosen fonts and colours, this is an app that exudes quality. Setup is straightforward, the options are clear and the integrated sharing interface enables you to tell your friends about something you’ve come across online with a couple of taps. In the words of its developer, Unread is designed to help you “rediscover the joy of reading”, and that’s a good way of thinking about how the app works.

It’s really your RSS client of choice that’s doing the hard work — Unread focuses on presenting the aggregated content in a more appealing way. It makes a difference though, with the full-screen reading mode, carefully crafted interface and intuitive controls all adding up to a worthwhile app. The articles you’ve signed up to read take centre-stage.

Whether you have a handful or a hundred RSS subscriptions to get through, Unread scales well and brings more pleasure to the process of catching up with whatever you’ve missed on the internet. It doesn’t offer as many features as something like Reeder on the iPad, but that stripped-down approach works really well here. Starring articles, marking them as read or moving on to the next story can all be done in a quick flick of a finger, and if
you’re an RSS addict then you may well find Unread incredibly useful.

Rated 4 out of 5

An attractively designed and intuitive RSS tool that puts the focus on reading.