Twitter #music Review

Twitter #music Review

Twitter #music Review

Music discovery now comes with the power of Twitter

Finally unveiled after being teased for some time, Twitter’s music app promises to change the way music fans discover new artists, as well as keep on top of who’s hot right now and what others are listening to. Signing in obviously involves hooking up with your Twitter account, so #music can fill the various section lists with artists based on tweets from all over the world.

There are four main sections to #music. The first, Popular, is filled with the new music that is trending right now on the social media site. Each artist’s profile picture is displayed as an interactive tile on your screen. Although there is some lag, the tile interface works very well as an enticing and engaging space in which users can swipe to jump to the next section or tap the header to reveal a drop-down menu to navigate. There’s the Emerging section which is filled with the ‘hidden’ talent on Twitter, while the Suggested section is generated based on your own tweets and artists you already follow. The final section is called #NowPlaying and is filled with the artists tweeted by your followers. Within a couple of taps of any artist, you can be listening to them.

Its quite clear after a few moments using the app that Twitter wanted this experience to be as fast-paced and information-filled as its original social network app. One tap of any artist and their tile expands, giving users several options as to what they would like to do. Tap the Twitter bird to instantly begin following them, their Twitter handle to go to their profile, or the play button to start listening to their music. Initially iTunes previews will be played, but log into #music using your premium Spotify or Rdio account and you can listen to full tracks. Android users will have to be patient for now, but Twitter #music will be worth the wait. This feels like an exciting music discovery experience, but without too much time spent having to search out the sort of artists you’re after.

Rated 4 out of 5

Harnesses the power and reach of Twitter well for a new way to discover your next favourite band.