Send, receive and digitally staple electronic documents

Like most apps out there, Twindocs sets out to provide a useful solution to a common problem, and if there’s one problem that’s bound to have plagued almost everyone at one time or another, it’s the issue of attaching large files and emailing them to others. Twindocs allows you to create a free account (although paid upgrades are available and can be useful) to upload your own files to a Dropbox-like storage system and send them to others through the service’s own mailing system. It’s a simple idea and it’s executed fairly well, particularly in the case of its accompanying iOS and android apps.

Signing up is simple, and once you’ve confirmed your email address you’ll be able to log in and get uploading straight away. Sadly it seems that you’re only able to upload images from your iPhone’s camera roll to Twindocs via the iPhone app, it would’ve been nice to see more functionality and app integration here, but all in all, the iOS app is still hugely functional.

Features like the digital stapler make attaching and sending multiple files easy, although you will need a paid account to make full use of this. Throw in the ability to tag files, add notes and organise them by folders and you’ve got a pretty useful app that’s worth checking out – it may just make your life a little easier.

Rated 4 out of 5

The Twindocs app is beautifully functional, albeit with a few small bugs and limitations that can grate after a while.