Tweetbot – A Twitter Client

Tweetbot – A Twitter Client

Can the latest third-party Twitter app beat the best?

Tweeting is something of a vocation for many people these days, and chief among the mobile apps is the official app developed by Twitter itself. However, Tweetbot developer Tapbots has attempted to remove some of the original’s clutter with a boxy UI that does away with the official app’s left-to-right column motions. Instead, there’s a fixed column of links to the left of the page and a large dynamic window that displays tweets, profiles and other content.

There’s been a rethink when it comes to interacting with tweets too. Swipe a tweet left to see replies, tap it once for additional response buttons to appear, double-tap for details of the tweet, tap three times to instantly reply, or hold your finger on it for standard iOS actions. At first the interface seems convoluted, but it quickly becomes second nature, making for a speedy and economical user experience. Pictures and other rich content are shown in an integrated browser window, which also features the Readability API, should you want to ditch web layouts and ads.

Rated 5 out of 5

All in all, a bold, slick and rather enjoyable Twitter client with an interesting spin on interactivity.