TV Vault 2 Review

TV Vault 2 Review

TV Vault 2 Review

Make yourself square-eyed by watching lots of TV and movies with TV Vault for Android

The usefulness of an app like TV Vault is obvious; the legality less so. But if you want an app that has lots of up-to-date information on the best television out there combined with links that let you watch episodes, then it is difficult to argue against buying this app.

Although the developer admits that the app may not work for devices running Android 4.1 (and our Nexus 7 didn’t always do it justice), it is nevertheless wonderful for TV fans. As long as you have a media player downloaded – such as MX Player, Vplayer, DicePlayer, BSPlayer or MoboPlayer – you will be able to stream movies and television programmes to your device.

The streams are pulled from the internet, hence the legal grey area. The links are submitted by users of video sharing sites and are configured to play on the smartphone or tablet. But even if you don’t want to do that, TV Vault works well as an app that gives you information about your favourite programmes, although a lot of it is pulled from the IMDb and you may as well use their app if this is all you are after.

At first, we thought there was a bug. When we pressed on a thumbnail, the information that appeared was not initially of the video we thought it would be. Then we realised it was pulling from the web and this was causing a very short delay. Once we had our heads around this, it worked well. We were able to pull up lots of details about episodes and suchlike and we could browse through the dozens of suggested categories – covering anything from adventure to animation, and film noir to game  shows. It is possible to go directly to items using the powerful and fast search engine.

As you would expect from something like this, you click those video links of your own volition and TV Vault has a disclaimer saying it doesn’t host, store, share or distribute this content. You cannot keep those videos on your device so if you do decide to stream, you need to be in an area of good reception, preferably Wi-Fi.

Rated 3 out of 5

A useful app for finding specific videos that can be streamed direct to your Android device, but remains a legal grey area.


  • James Stones

    Actually on my old xperia live walkman I found that when you press the links, instead of selecting mx player you could select browser and the film would download straight to the device! Ive just watched fast and furious 6 which is obviously breaking laws and regulations but the developer provides the app to make this possible meaning he is accountable despite the disclaimer! Anyway tv vault 2 replaced original app as google pulled the 1st one! No refund off the dev and no replacement or even a reply! Install this app at your own risk!