Turn Taker – Social Story & Sharing Tool Review

Turn Taker – Social Story & Sharing Tool Review

Turn Taker – Social Story & Sharing Tool Review

Turn Taker is aimed at children with autism, but is an education app that can be used to teach all kids about sharing

Aimed at children with an autism spectrum disorder, Down Syndrome, special needs or those who are very young, Turn Taker aims to teach the basics of sharing.

A large hand points in the direction of the person whose turn it is and then, after a period of time, the app states ‘Finished’ and displays another hand in the opposite direction.

With two participants, this makes it clear whose turn it is, which teaches children that turn-taking is the fairly rapid handover from one person to another. The time limits can be adjusted so that the app can be tailored to suit whatever physical game is being played at the time.

But there are some misgivings. Although the presentation is bright and colourful and there is a lovely story that explains exactly why turn-taking is important as a social skill, there are spelling mistakes (‘your’ instead of ‘you’re’ being a notable one) and it only allows two people to take part at any one time. Additionally, the app doesn’t seem overly complicated to develop, so we do question the price tag.

And yet for children with learning disabilities and those who are having trouble understanding the concept of taking turns, it will be an invaluable help, being effective in teaching both turn-taking and patience.

Rated 3 out of 5

Parents and carers who look after children with disabilities will find this app a useful learning tool.