Tupsu – The Furry Little Monster Review

Tupsu – The Furry Little Monster Review

Tupsu – The Furry Little Monster Review

If you like Angry Birds and Cut The Rope, check out Tupsu, the new free physics game for iOS and Android

There are games based purely on strategy (Chess), ones combining interaction and graphics (Fruit Ninja) and those which involve all three aspects (Cut The Rope and Angry Birds). Tupsu,  a new release available for free on iPhone, iPad and Android, falls right into that last category in that it’s a beautifully designed game, but you need to use your brains to progress.

The titular character is a lovable ball of fur with a sticky eye on a long, elastic thread. He needs to be navigated safely across floating islands to get to the black hole at the end of the stage, in order to progress to the next sub-level. To move Tupsu, you extend his eye to attach it to the islands and click it again to detach it. There are gaps and rocks as obstacles. As you progress, you get aids in the form of a board you can use for attachment and gravity boxes which rotate gravity. Also, the number of eyes increases with each level, which makes it all the more challenging and fun.

The only shortcomings of the game are that the eye is sometimes too small for precise navigation, especially since movements sometimes need to be swift. Also, the difficulty level increases quite rapidly, so it can be quite frustrating when you can’t make it past a level with no solution in sight (despite having an extendible eye).

Rated 4 out of 5

Ideal for when you want to exercise your brain, it’s a fun and well-designed game.