Treasure Island – A Space Dog Book

Treasure Island – A Space Dog Book

Don your iPatch for this new-look literary great

Treasure Island – A Space Dog Book is a lovingly-crafted digital repackaging of the original novel. Comprising all 34 chapters of the original text, Space Dog has given Treasure Island a graphical makeover, with beautiful artwork across 137 pages. Locked into landscape, the book’s cover introduces its style, followed by a quirky animated intro. Users are treated every so often to charming half or full-page images – most are animated, and some are interactive, with readers able to watch rum slosh around in a bottle as you rotate your iPad. Underneath it all though, this is still Stevenson’s timeless story, full of colourful characters and buccaneering tropes, as young Jim Hawkins gets mixed up with one-legged seaman Long John Silver. If you’re yet to read Treasure Island, this app is a good place to start.

Rated 4 out of 5

An entertaining and interactive new way to enjoy Robert Louis Stevenson’s 130-year-old buccaneering blockbuster.