TowerMadness 2 Review

TowerMadness 2 Review

TowerMadness 2 Review

It’s sheep vs aliens, not Plants vs Zombies in TowerMadness 2 for iPhone, iPad and Android

Tower defence as a genre has been revitalised by smartphone gaming. Given the simple nature of this game – traditionally point and click – this was easy to translate to the touchscreen, even the smaller ones found on smartphones.

As a result, we have seen an outpouring of character from developers that has led to tower defence gaming being played out in some fantastically fun environments. Nowhere is this more obvious than in TowerMadness 2, where it is your aim to build weapons to fight off alien invaders from stealing your sheep. To do this you need to keep your sheep, use the wool they produce and then sell that to aliens in exchange for their technology.

Use the one-touch controls to drop in new towers as you earn coins for taking down each wave of extraterrestrial invaders. The colourful visuals are engaging and the gameplay moves along at a nice pace, with new towers and upgrades needed regularly during each level.

While this isn’t Plants vs Zombies, the concept is just as enjoyable and the silliness factor is certainly there – which certainly helps carry this game a long way. Casual gaming has become so popular because of titles like TowerMadness that don’t take themselves too seriously. Instead, they just focus on delivering fun to every user, which is definitely achieved here.

Rated 4 out of 5

Fun, easy to play and wonderfully casual; TowerMadness should get some of your time.