Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower

An in-app purchase game that won’t cost you the earth

NimbleBit’s new tower building game may be based around an in-app purchase model, but don’t let that put you off. Utilising truly beautiful pixel-based graphics, the aim of Tiny Tower is to build the biggest skyscraper possible and fill it with little avatars called Bitizens.

Bitizens can be moved into apartments and given jobs, and will reward you with Bux (the in-game currency) when you do simple tasks for them. As with similar titles, everything from stacking shop items to building new apartments takes real time, so Bux are used to speed up the process. You’re only given a set amount to begin with so you’ll need to buy more with physical cash if you can’t be bothered to wait.

We’re not normally fans of this approach, but NimbleBit has created a good balance between simply waiting out your time and actually spending money, which is very pleasing to see. Another nice touch is that they dish out quite a few Bux as you go about choosing jobs, decorating rooms or ushering Bitizens to their rooms, meaning that this doesn’t really feel like a rip-off compared to many of its peers in the same genre.

It’s a fun idea, and is fuelled greatly by its striking visuals, but it’s not long before the fun starts to wane, meaning you’re more likely to grow bored before you spend any serious cash. It’s good fun while it lasts, though.

Rated 3 out of 5

While it does utilise in-app purchasing, its charm and clever mechanics make this game worth a gander.