Tinker – Tweak Your Productivity review

Tinker – Tweak Your Productivity review

Tinker – Tweak Your Productivity review

Schedule and keep track of any short-term productivity tasks with this iPhone app

When you set up a list of reminders, it’s easy to plough through them, ticking items off the list to great satisfaction. One problem with this, though, is running out of time. Some tasks can be more absorbing than others and it can knock you off schedule. But what if you could set a limit for each task and focus your energy and mind that bit more?

Tinker – Tweak Your Productivity is the solution to this problem. With an emphasis on duration-based goals, you simply pinch the screen to create a goal and fill in the small amount of required detail. The app presents you with a countdown clock showing how much time you have left to complete the task. Although you can pause each goal with a single tap or double-tap to edit, by letting it run and sticking to the time allowed, you should be able to achieve your aims that bit faster, boosting productivity in the process.

Tasks can be scheduled for the future and it gives you a countdown to when these are due to start. When your time is up, a notification is sent to your phone and the goal is removed. Goals can also be removed manually and this is great if you find you have finished a task ahead of time. By keeping everything so simple, Tinker ensures you don’t waste time filling in forms and organising tasks and that makes it such a treat to use.

You can set as many duration goals as you like, with each task being anything from one minute in length to 24 hours. It is easy to be exact too, since the increments are minute-by-minute. Pull down on the screen and you can turn off sounds and even allow Tinker to pause a task by covering the screen. The tasks can be seen by swiping up and down the screen. It’s all so simple.

If there is any criticism, it would have to be the colour scheme. Although the black screen is sleek and minimalist with a few splashes of colours to denote the passing of time, it would be nice in future updates to be able to customise it.

Rated 5 out of 5

Tinker is a single-minded, distraction-free app that helps make you efficient.