Use top tunes to travel back in time with TimeWheel – 55 years of chart history in your pocket.

Opening up a wealth of musical knowledge from Universal‘s history books, TimeWheel let’s you browse 55 years of Official Top 40 Chart history.

It’s the ultimate way to track down forgotten songs from the past or just remind yourself of tunes from times gone by. As with the majority of good Apps once you find a specific song you can download it straight into your iTunes library.

Just to add some extra spice, a number of artists have signed up to reveal their personal inspiration list. With more being added regularly, TimeWheel is very helpful and novel.

Rated 4 out of 5

Reminds you of songs you’d forgotten and sucks away the hours as you relive music history.


  • TITLE=TimeWheel;I tried to download your TImeWheel on a new Apple Itouch, Do you still do it, If so how can I get it.

  • TITLE=Review Title;what happened to timewheel ?

  • TITLE=Review Title;Why can’t I get timewheel for my I pad?

  • TITLE=Where has the all gone?;Used to have this app & loved impressing my friends but it’s not gone missing & not on the app store. Please bring it back!