Timequote Review

Timequote Review

Find the interesting moments of recordings using Timequote for iPad

Created for journalists and videographers, Timequote has been produced by former ITN reporter James Woodman. It enables professionals to log key quotes and  chart important moments during an interview. Journalists can jump to important parts of a recording without searching through it manually or relying on scribbling down notes on a pad.

It’s a rather simple creation with large bold times displayed at the top, a Play/Stop button and a star. When recording begins, you need to tap Play on the iPad at the same time. Then, when you hear or notice something that you want to include in a subsequent edit, you tap the star button to mark it. Tapping on the ‘+’ button goes even further and enables you to make notes, whether they be descriptive of the moment or something to discuss later on.

But the ‘+’ button has an even better use. By adding in questions and prompts before you start interviewing, you can ensure that you ask everything you need. When you get to that point in the filming, tapping on the question will mark it on the timeline so you know the precise moment it was asked and can go to it during editing.

It has bags of potential. For the price, we’d love for it to include audio recording but more than that, to see this on smartphones too. That would make this brilliant tool even more portable and useful for industry professionals.

Rated 4 out of 5

An effective time-saving app for journalists and videographers covering interviews and press conferences.