Timeline WW2 with Dan Snow Review

Timeline WW2 with Dan Snow Review

This in-depth history app on the Second World War represents interactive education on the iPad at its best.

If you ever need convincing of the iPad’s potential as an educational tool, Timeline WW2 from TV historian Dan Snow provides a startling insight. An interactive guide to the harrowing events that unfolded between 1939-45, the app focuses on a timeline that contains over 2,000 key events from the war, which you can filter into key figures, brutal battles, locations and much more.

Each entry into the timeline can be expanded to provide a rich and informative narrative, while some entries contain video to provide even greater clarity. Open up the map option and you’ll instantly be taken to a world map that you can zoom around effortlessly. All of Dan Snow’s commentary is of the highest order, and his commitment to embracing apps (he already has the excellent Battle Castles app to his name) should be warmly applauded.
One thing to be aware of is the massive amount of storage this app takes up. At a whopping 817MB, Timeline WW2 takes a real chunk into your useable storage. Is it worth it though? In short, yes. This is one of the finest exponents of this type of app. For anyone looking to delve into the details of the events that shaped the world we live in today, Timeline WW2 is a must-have app. We can’t praise it more.

Rated 5 out of 5

A new take on the history book, set to revolutionise the way we learn about the past.


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