Tim and Tom

Tim and Tom

A great children’s book that makes unique use of the iPad

This interactive children’s book is designed by a French animation studio with the two goals of, in its own words, ‘consistently rich graphics with an interesting and intelligent narrative’ and ‘high quality books which nurture a child’s ability to learn and investigate’. And, at least in the first of its series, the studio has achieved both aims.

The story of Tim and Tom in their first adventure, Good Morning Bangoo, is one that is sure to be adored by children of a certain age. The creators suggest three to seven year olds, though we’d say the app skews toward the younger end of that scale with its simple and innocent subject matter. Every page of the story, which sees the lead character walking through the woods to wake up their friends, is so beautifully illustrated that it begs for readers to reach out and touch the world. Which is for the best, because that’s really the point. Every page is also a simple puzzle in which the reader must figure out how to wake up the character on screen. Simple enough, we’d say, for young readers to manage with no problems.

As none of the puzzles are especially difficult, they will be solved by anyone who prods around on the screen long enough to see how the world reacts to their touch. In fact, most young readers are sure to find themselves absorbed by every screen, as each features plenty of things to play around with beyond the main puzzle. The only slightly tricky aspect of the app is the menu, which is in French, while the rest is in English.

Rated 4 out of 5

A great app for parent and child to read together. Let’s hope the other three stories planned by developer IBOO Interactive arrive sooner rather than later.