Tidal review: Jay Z’s Spotify rival offers CD-quality music streaming

Tidal review: Jay Z’s Spotify rival offers CD-quality music streaming

Tidal review: Jay Z’s Spotify rival offers CD-quality music streaming

High-fidleity music streaming for iPhone and Android

As music streaming services go, Tidal’s credentials seem very favourable. It is the first service of its kind to offer high fidelity sound quality on over 25 million instantly accessible tracks and boasts a selection of 75,000 HD music videos. It is also curated and contributed to by experienced music journalists – people who should be able to balance the mainstream with the offbeat when it comes to recommendations and in-app playlists to open your ears to all manner of exciting new sounds. Tidal is also impressing all the right people: Rap god Jay Z has also just invested $56 million in the streaming service.

But, before your ears start pulsing at the prospect of superior sound and expertly sourced content though, it is worth pointing out that the service comes at a hefty subscription cost of £19.99 a month – although you can try it free for seven days before committing – and you will need an account in place (go to tidalhifi.com) in order to use this app. When you are logged in, the interface that binds and projects the service is devoid of pizzazz but easy enough to navigate.

New stuff is flagged up at the top of the screen and sections, such as the latest playlists and tracks, can be accessed by scrolling down and a menu provides easy access to some of the other key features, such as Genres, Offline Content and Audio Search. Using the standard keyword search will also hook you up with all related content applicable to the entered artist or track, including videos, which are otherwise hard to find.

When you weigh up the fact that, for the price of two CDs a month, you have access to a sprawling sonic highway with the added bonus of insightful articles and hand-picked playlists, the price becomes less of an issue. Sure the monthly subscription fee trumps that of Spotify, but there is a chasmic gulf between the two in terms of what you get.

Rated 5 out of 5

A must for music-lovers, Tidal has the quality, content and innovation to become the world’s premier streaming service.