Theodolite HD

Theodolite HD

The professionals’ choice for accurate real-time navigation stats

For most people Augmented reality offers the opportunity to create a cool game or help users find local services, Hunter Research has found an incredible way to combine several navigation instruments into one very clever application.

Features include a camera overlay, in real-time, showing information about position, altitude, bearing, range, and horizontal/vertical inclination.

The instruments, as its probably fitting to call them, respond to feather-lite touch and although to most they better represent what Iron man might be seeing in his heads up display they actually offer a perfect set of tools for engineers, geologists, architects and military personnel.

The ability to track the exact position of the device using GPS is combined with the ability to take readings of the exact angle of the iPad both relative to the horizon and the floor as well as calculating the axis angle at which the iPad is leaning in three dimensions.

A practical use for this would be the measurement of the inclination of a hill for surveyor. What’s more, the app can measure two points in relation to each other so that users can use the reference to make detailed calculations about the relationships between those two points.

Serious users will no doubt find the information very useful but there is a limitation to the iPad 2 as a potential precision instrument. It’s not fixed and will require a tripod for any really technical work so that exact angles and be worked out an measured.

In the interim before the iPad is mounted users can use the horizon gauge to get accuracy on a 90 degree plane but much more detailed angles may be difficult to achieve. Other features that may entice those who don’t wish to cart a bag of instruments as they read and measure the world around them include a very accurate GPS reading and its presentation relative to a map on a separate screen.

You can, of course, use the nautical bearings on the Heads up display but the Map view has obvious benefits. The ability to alter the settings is a plus, as is the ability to take screenshots for future recall.

This is a specialist app and, as a result, one would expect a price tag that would reflect this, however Theodolite is a total bargain compared with dedicated counterparts. If you have the need for an instrument like this it could well be worth the investment.

Rated 5 out of 5

While the information may not suit all, its ease of use means anyone can enjoy this app.


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