The World End With You: Solo Remix for iPad

The World End With You: Solo Remix for iPad

Take a trip to the other side in this port of the acclaimed DS title

When it comes to ports of other titles, iOS is often an afterthought, resulting in shoddy remakes that simply aim to make a quick buck. TWEWY:SR is absolutely not one of these titles, and Square Enix have done a stellar job of moving the game, which was originally released on the Nintendo DS, over to the single touchscreen of the iPad.

You take on the role of Neku, a boy in the Shibuya district of Japan with its vivid street culture, packed pavements and strange, futuristic feel. The teen hates spending time with people, but when he is cut off from the rest of the world and given seven days to escape the mysterious Reapers, he is forced to team up with others in order to fight off the Noise. Battles use magical pins called Psyches, and you must time their use with the deployment of your partner. It works brilliantly as a battle mechanism, and when you get it right it feels incredible.

The Noise are the agents of the Reapers and come in many animal forms. It’s surreal, but distinctly Japanese, and the artistic style is really beautiful. The music is equally as engaging; it’s mostly a mixture of J-pop and J-rock, but it’s so foot-tappingly catchy that you’ll rarely mute your device like you would with other games.

Yes, the price is a little bit high for an iOS game, but let us assure you that this isn’t a five-minute diversion; it’s a title with depth, a brilliantly engaging story, and some fantastic design.

Rated 5 out of 5

Look past the price and you’ll find a brilliant title that is well worth it.