The Whole Pantry Review

The Whole Pantry Review

A selection of recipes, guides and books for health and wellness

Eating well and exercising frequently are inextricably linked to living healthily – and The Whole Pantry offers advice on both. Packed with glorious food photography, users can select from 37 recipes including drinks, mains, salads, sweets, snacks and even homemade condiments.

Presented as a mosaic gallery of photos, a single tap rotates images to list recipe names and whether they are gluten free, dairy free and suitable for vegetarians. A double tap loads a fullscreen gallery of one or more images. Swipe upwards to view a summary of the dish, ingredients list and step-by-step instructions. While these in-depth instructions are very good, with such an emphasis on photography, it was disappointing to find not each step was illustrated with an image.

The Guides section offers leisurely reads that you can dip in and out of easily. It features, for instance, lists of the top ten super foods and a nice introduction to yoga. The Our Pantry section is also packed with lists of recommended cookbooks, documentaries, TV shows and products for healthy food and living. However, with external links only to blogs and websites and no other explanatory descriptions, this particular section seemed a little bare.

Other notable features include a search engine to filter by ingredients, a Favourites window, and the option to share recipes and guides.

Rated 4 out of 5

The emphasis on holistic medicine will be a Marmite issue for some, but foodies of all types will love the image-driven recipes.